Graduate Curriculum


Core Courses                                                                                                                       Credits             ECTS

CHEM 500      M.S. Thesis                                                                                                   (0-1) NC              26

CHEM 501      M.S. Seminar in Chemistry*                                                                    (0-2) NC                7

CHEM 8XX      Special Studies                                                                                           (8-0) NC               4

CHEM 599      Scientific Research Techniques and Ethics                                        (2-0) NC               9

                          in Research and Academic  Writing

*All M.S. students must register M.S. Seminar in Chemistry course in the term “M.S. Research Proposal Seminar” will be given.


In addition, at least 2 of the following courses must be taken.

Core Elective Courses

CHEM 502      Advanced Analytical Chemistry                                                                (3-0) 3               9

CHEM 503      Advanced Biochemistry                                                                                (3-0) 3               9

CHEM 504      Advanced Inorganic Chemistry                                                                  (3-0) 3               9

CHEM 505      Advanced Organic Chemistry                                                                      (3-0) 3               9

CHEM 506      Advanced Physical Chemistry                                                                     (3-0) 3               9

Total credit (min.)                                                          : 21

Number of courses with credit (min.)                      :   7



Core Courses

CHEM 600      Ph.D. Thesis                                                                                                           (0-1) NC           26

CHEM 601      Ph.D. Seminar in Chemistry*                                                                            (0-2) NC             7

CHEM 8XX      Special Studies                                                                                                    (8-0) NC             4

CHEM 599      Scientific Research Techniques and Ethics                                                 (2-0) NC             9

                          in Research and Academic Writing**

All Ph.D. students must register Ph.D. Seminar in Chemistry course in the term “Ph.D. Research Proposal Seminar” will be given.

** Must be registered by the Ph.D. students who have not taken this course during their M.S. Program.

***Two of the Core Elective Courses must be registered by the Ph.D. students who have not taken these courses during their M.S. Program.

Core Elective Courses***

CHEM 502     Advanced Analytical Chemistry                                                                      (3-0) 3                9

CHEM 503     Advanced Biochemistry                                                                                     (3-0) 3                9

CHEM 504     Advanced Inorganic Chemistry                                                                       (3-0) 3                9

CHEM 505     Advanced Organic Chemistry                                                                           (3-0) 3                9

CHEM 506     Advanced Physical Chemistry                                                                         (3-0) 3                9

Total credit (min.)                                                                  : 21 (for students with M.S. degree)

Number of courses with credit (min.)                              : 7 (for students with M.S. degree)

Total credit (min.)                                                                   : 42 (for students with B.S. degree)

Number of courses with credit (min.)                               : 14 (for students with B.S. degree)

Elective Courses


CodeName of CourseCreditECTSPrerequisite
CHEM 510Advances in Analytical Atomic Spectrometry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 511Analytical Applications of Nuclear and Radiochemical Methods(3-0) 37 
CHEM 512Analytical Separation Techniques(3-0) 37 
CHEM 513Chemometrics(3-0) 37 
CHEM 514Classification and Clustering Techniques in Analytical Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 515Environmental Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 516Experimental Design and Optimisation(3-0) 37 
CHEM 517Fundamentals and Applications of Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy(3-0) 37 
CHEM 518Glow Discharge Spectroscopies(3-0) 37 
CHEM 519Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy in Multivariate Analysis(3-0) 37 
CHEM 520Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 521Spectrochemical Analysis(3-0) 37 
CHEM 528Chemistry of Porous Materials(3-0) 37 
CHEM 529Organometallic Chemistry of Transition Metals and Catalysis(3-0) 37 
CHEM 530Experimental Biochemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 531Protein Chemistry(3-0) 37CHEM 411
CHEM 532Special Topics in Biochemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 539Bioelectronics : Fundamentals of Bioelectrochemistry for Biomedical Sensors and Devices(3-0) 37 
CHEM 540Advanced Organometallic Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 541Advanced Solid State Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 542Analysis Techniques in Solid State Chemistry(2-2) 37 
CHEM 543Chemical Applications of Group Theory(3-0) 37 
CHEM 544Industrial and Biochemical Applications of Molybdenum Compounds(3-0) 37 
CHEM 546Introduction to Crystallography(2-2) 37 
CHEM 547Manipulation and Characterization Techniques for Air Sensitive Compounds(2-2) 37 
CHEM 548Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 555Principles of Asymmetric Synthesis(3-0) 37 
CHEM 550Synthetic Methods in Coordination Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 556Reactions and Synthesis in Organic Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 557Selected Topics in Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 558Special Topics in Organic Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 559Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 560Strategy and Control in Organic Synthesis(3-0) 37 
CHEM 561Structure Elucidation in Solution by NMR Spectroscopy(3-0) 37 
CHEM 562Supramolecular Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 563Writing Organic Reaction Mechanisms(3-0) 37 
CHEM 564Transition Metal Catalyzed Organic Reaction(3-0) 37 
CHEM 570Advanced Polymer Science(3-0) 37 
CHEM 571Applied Bioconjugate Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 572Bioconjugate Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 573Biophysical Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 574Chemical Thermodynamics(3-0) 37 
CHEM 575Colloid Chemistry and Surface Science(3-0) 37 
CHEM 576Experimental Proteomics(3-0) 37CHEM 585
CHEM 577Interfacial Phenomena(3-0) 37 
CHEM 579Molecular Modelling(3-0) 37 
CHEM 580Molecular  Simulation(3-0) 37 
CHEM 581Molecular Spectroscopy(3-0) 37 
CHEM 582Nanobiotechnology(3-0) 37 
CHEM 583Nanophotonics(3-0) 37 
CHEM 584Nanoscience ve Nanotechnology(3-0) 37 
CHEM 585Selected Topics in Mass Spectrometry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 586Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry(3-0) 37 
CHEM 589Advanced Solar Fuels(3-0) 37