Minor Program

Minor degree program is for the students from other departments who are interested in chemistry. The students whose cumulative grade point average is minimum 2.50 are eligible to apply for the program. The students are offered a certificate upon completion of the program.

The student,

  1. has to take the first course and its laboratory from the course groups (sub-disciplines) below. If the student has taken the first course in his/her own department, he/she has to take the second (continuing) course.
  2. has to take at least one of CHEM 3.. or CHEM 4.. course among the elective courses.

Analytical Chemistry Course Group

CHEM 201 Analytical Chemistry I (3+0)3

CHEM 231 Analytical Chemistry Lab. I (0+4)2

CHEM 202 Analytical Chemistry II (3+0)3

CHEM 232 Analytical Chemistry Lab. II (0+4)2

Physical Chemistry Course Group

CHEM 303 Physical Chemistry I (4+0)4

CHEM 333 Physical Chemistry Lab. I (0+4)2

CHEM 304 Physical Chemistry II (4+0)4

CHEM 334 Physical Chemistry Lab. II (0+4)2

Inorganic Chemistry Course Group

CHEM 301 Inorganic ChemistryI (4+0)4

CHEM 302 Inorganic Chemistry II (4+0)4

CHEM 332 Inorganic Chemistry Lab. (0+4)2

Organic Chemistry Course Group

CHEM 203 Organic Chemistry I (3+2)4

CHEM 233 Organic Chemistry Lab. I (0+4)2

CHEM 204 Organic Chemistry II (3+2)4

CHEM 234 Organic Chemistry Lab. II (0+6)3