Technical Elective Courses

CHEM 351 Separation Techniques

CHEM 352 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 353 Introduction to Chemometrics

CHEM 362 Introduction to Biological Chemistry

CHEM 371 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

CHEM 372 Kitchen Chemistry

CHEM 391 Computational Chemistry I

CHEM 392 Surfactant Science

CHEM 393 Chemical Kinetics

CHEM 394 Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry

CHEM 446 Industrial Chemistry

CHEM 447 Solar Feuls and Artificial Photosynthesis

CHEM 451 Atomic and Molecular Spectrometry

CHEM 452 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 453 Electrochemistry

CHEM 454 Cleanroom Techniques

CHEM 461 Introduction to Practical Biochemistry

CHEM 462 Selected Topics in Biochemistry

CHEM 463 Bioinorganic Chemistry

CHEM 471 Transition Metal Chemistry

CHEM 472 Organometallic Chemistry

CHEM 473 Spectroscopic Methods in Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 481 Reaction Mechanism in Organic Chemistry

CHEM 482 Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry

CHEM 483 Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry

CHEM 484 Introduction to Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry

CHEM 487 Chemical Analysis of Surfaces and Interfaces

CHEM 491 Computational Chemistry II

CHEM 492 Introduction to Colloid Chemistry

CHEM 493 Introduction to Polymer Science

CHEM 494 Polymer Composites

CHEM 495 Molecular Photonics

CHEM 496 Photochemistry

CHEM 497 Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

CHEM 499 Cooperative Education Course