IZTECH Chemistry Department, as one of the first departments established at the Institute started undergraduate and graduate education and research activities at the İzmir city center in 1998. The Department has been continuing education and research activities at the campus in Gülbahçe Village (Urla) since 1999.

The Department offers bachelor of science (BSc), master of science (MSc) and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees. A total of 54 compulsory and elective courses (130 credits) must be successfully completed for graduation from the undergraduate program. The Department offers also minor and double major degrees for the successful students from other departments.

IZTECH Chemistry Department has sub-disciplines of chemistry as Analytical, Bio-, Physical, Inorganic, and Organic. Chemistry is a central science; therefore, the Department has collaborations with other science and engineering disciplines.

MSc students must be successful from about 7 courses (21 credits) and finish a thesis in one of the sub-disciplines for graduation. All the research activities are carried out in departmental laboratories equipped with modern instruments and in the research centers at İZTECH.

PhD program is arranged based on the student’s previous degree (MSc or bachelor’s level). PhD degree is given to the students who complete the courses, the proficiency exam, and a thesis in one of the sub-disciplines successfully.